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5 Simple Hacks for Impressive Holiday Home Décor

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5 Simple Hacks for Impressive Holiday Home Décor

The Holidays are a fabulous time to dress your home to impress. Whether your planned get-togethers are big or small, decorating your home with holiday touches like tinsel and candles really helps kick things into the spirit of the season. Although you intend to decorate your home to perfection this season, it can be difficult to find a good starting point for your seasonal decorating. If you’re facing this dilemma, we’re here to help! As shutter pros, we’ve learned a thing or two about interior design in the more than 70 years we’ve provided our services to Utah homes. So what are you waiting for? Let’s start working our way down our list of handy tips you can use to hit the ground running with your holiday decorating!

  1. Wreathes

A wreath starts your holiday festivities off right by greeting friends, family, and neighbors with some seasonal spirit. Creating your own wreathes for around the home makes for a fun family activity. This allows you to use your creativity and build wreathes that express your style and personality. If the DIY approach doesn’t necessarily appeal to you (or your schedule!), gorgeous, premade wreathes can be found at stores like Hobby Lobby, Joanne’s, and Target.

  1. Window and Doorframe Adornments

Hanging a little tinsel or lush greenery around doorways and windows is a great way to fill rooms with holiday cheer without taking up too much space. Even better is if you add bows and/or ornaments to the corners of your selected drapery to bring in a little color.

  1. Creative Use of Ornaments

Ornaments look beautiful on your tree and lush greenery accessories, but they can be used for much more! A beautiful idea for centerpieces and end table décor is to place colorful, metallic ornaments in a large, silver or gold bowl. This will bring in the holiday theme in a more modern, creative way.

  1. Don’t for Get the Holiday Scents!

The Holidays are all about the nostalgic feeling you get as you catch up with family and old friends from home. What’s the most powerful sense in evoking a bit of nostalgia? Scent, of course! Pick up 2 or 3 candle warmers and a few holiday-themed candles to bring the season to life in your home. We recommend these as burning candles may present risk of fire given the extra decoration you’ll have around your home. Their scent is also a bit more natural than a standard air freshener.

  1. Table Runners and Statement Pieces

Adding a little something extra to the tables around your home is a great way to pull the spirit of the season into each area. Stop by your favorite craft and antique stores to find unique pieces to place on your tables. These could include holiday-themed runners and table clothes, as well as standing ornaments and figurines that encompass the overall look and feel you’re aiming for with your décor.


There you have it, a few handy tips to help you get started on a successful holiday season! These are some great staples, but remember to use your creativity and have fun with the process. The more you enjoy putting together a festive home for the holidays, the better it will look!


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