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7 Insanely Creative Ideas for Repurposing Shutters

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7 Insanely Creative Ideas for Repurposing Shutters

There’s nothing better than gorgeous set of shutters to set the tone for your home. Their presence on main windows and doors sets the stage for impressive interior décor of varying styles. While we’re all about building and installing beautiful new shutters for homes and businesses across the state, we also appreciate the serious creativity that goes into repurposed shutter décor. That’s why we’re taking a moment to highlight some of the coolest examples of repurposed shutters the web has to offer. Ready to check out some awesome DIY projects involving shutters? Read on!

Bulletin Board Shutters

Photo Courtesy of: Haute Tramp

1.  Forget the ugly, old whiteboard. This cute bulletin board is visible when you want it to be, and hidden when you’d prefer it serve as a decorative element in your kitchen or bedroom.



Shutter Room Divider

Photo Courtesy of: Lush Home

2. If you opted for a bed without a headboard, this is an awesome and affordable way to give the appearance of one!


Shutter Closet Door

Courtesy of: Sew Dang Cute Crafts

3. Storage space can be pretty. Here’s proof. This cute cabinet stores cleaning products and supplies in style.


Shutter Fireplace Screen

Photo courtesy of: Cottage Instincts

4. Make your home décor your own. Customize and repurpose a pair of old shutters to cover your fireplace instead opting for


Shutter Shelf

Photo Courtesy of: Bob Vila

5.  What better way to hang your coats, bags, and hats, than on a personalized shelf? This repurposed shutter provides the ideal support for a DIY shelf, complete with hooks.


Shutter Decor

Photo Courtesy of: Home Talk

6.  A mug offers a great way to display your favorite ceramic pieces and make room for plates, bowls, and cups in your dish cabinet.


Shutter Mail Organizer

Photo Courtesy of: Buzzfeed Life

7.  We think this DIY project is much cuter and better organized than a stack of mail. Wouldn’t you agree?! Simply painting and hanging a repurposed shutter on your wall provides cute décor with the ability to serve a purpose other than just looking great!


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