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While the durable structure and quality materials used to make our shutters typically ensure that our customers are able to use their shutters without problems for years, the use and placement of certain shutter sets can cause damage. Although¬†repairs can get a bit tricky with weaker window structures like blinds, the process of repairing a… Read more »

One of¬†the greatest benefits of installing quality shutters is that they require very little maintenance and repair when compared to other window treatment options. While this may be the case, it’s never a bad idea to go the extra mile in taking care of your shutters to ensure that their beauty and charm last for… Read more »

Shutters can be decorative and functional, and add beauty and character to any home. However their beauty can easily get lost if your shutter become dingy and dirty. In order to keep your shutters looking their best, routine cleaning is essential. Here are some easy suggestions to get your shutters looking beautiful again in no… Read more »

Although traditional plantation shutters look great with little to no additional decoration when installed over a window , many homeowners get creative to make fun and interesting use of shutters.Their creativity ranges from simply placing drapes over their shutters all the way to building entire walls with antique and colorful shutters. Because we love shutters… Read more »

So, you’ve made the smart investment in a gorgeous new set of shutters? Now it’s time to protect that investment. Many homeowners are anxious at the thought of taking care of their new shutters as they’ve paid a higher price for the class and durability they provide and would like them to last. The truth… Read more »