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Economic Advantages of Shutter vs Blinds Selecting the right window fixture for your home is an important element of any building or remodeling project. Most often, homeowners choose to install either blinds or shutters. While it is a common misconception that blinds are the more economically sound option, this is far from the truth. Many… Read more »

Are Plantation Shutters Worth It? While choosing to install any set of shutters in your home or business is a great option for adding appeal and resale value, there are certain benefits that can be obtained depending on the shutter material you choose. Each material possesses a set of qualities that make it a great… Read more »

Many homeowners have the common misconception that blinds and shutters are one in the same. Although they do have similar characteristics in their look and structure, shutters provide a few important benefits that blinds simply do not. If you’re in the process of building or remodeling your home, you will definitely benefit from reading on… Read more »

The Process of Shutter Repair While the durable structure and quality materials used to make our shutters typically ensure that our customers are able to use their shutters without problems for years, the use and placement of certain shutter sets can cause damage. Although repairs can get a bit tricky with weaker window structures like blinds,… Read more »

How To Choose the Right Shutter Style Now that you’ve made the decision to install high quality shutters in your home, it’s time to select the best possible option for you. With so many styles, materials and configurations to choose from, this can be a bit overwhelming. This is why we make sure that our… Read more »