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Utah weather often changes by the hour, spring in Utah is a wet mixture of chilly mornings, warm days, and brisk nights. One day in the 70s is often followed by rain, and then snow, and the cycle repeats for several weeks. This bi-polar-type weather is a signature of living in Utah, but the ever-changing… Read more »

There’s nothing better than gorgeous set of shutters to set the tone for your home. Their presence on main windows and doors sets the stage for impressive interior décor of varying styles. While we’re all about building and installing beautiful new shutters for homes and businesses across the state, we also appreciate the serious creativity… Read more »

If you are even remotely interested in adding shutters to your home, stop what you’re doing and read on about the amazing benefits of vinyl synthetic shutters. Trust me, your home will thank you. Waterproof If you are looking for a way to impress yourself every-time you take a much deserved soak in the tub,… Read more »

Guide to the most common types of materials used for shutters.   Vinyl (Newport Shutters) Waterproof. Great for showers and kitchen areas. Mainly used for Day in Day out water spray. Our vinyl shutters are made from Solid Extruded Vinyl vs. Less Quality Composite or Hollow Vinyl. Not as strong as engineered hardwoods (HDF) or… Read more »

Utah has the most temperamental weather of just about any place in the world. We experience incredibly harsh winters, and blazing hot summers. Not to mention, the temperature can drastically change at the drop of a hat during any season. This is why it is important to find heating and cooling tricks that you can… Read more »