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Stanfield Shutter has perfected the art of creating gorgeous window shutters for homes, businesses, and non-profit organizations. Since 1947, we’ve provided Utah structures with quality options for adorning their windows with the classic charm and appeal of window shutters. Whether you’re looking to create a rustic theme or a modern aesthetic, we have the design and material options you need to make it happen!

Quality Materials We Make Your Shutters With

Our shutter experts select only the highest quality materials for every set of shutters we produce. Each option and its benefits are presented to the client at the beginning of the design process to achieve the perfect look and feel for the room they will be installed within. Additionally, clients will have a wide variety of stains and paints to choose from to match their material with the goal aesthetic for their décor. We currently offer the following custom plantation shutter materials:

Engineered Wood
Knotty Adler

Engineered HDF Wood Shutters

When purchasing paint grade shutters (white, off-white, or solid colors) the best choice a consumer can make is High Density Fiberboard (HDF) shutters. These shutters are warp free, have a smoother painting surface, retain the same strength and resistance of natural hardwood, and they are more economical! When choosing paint grade shutters almost all of our customers choose HDF. When high quality and low cost are major concerns HDF is the best possible choice.

Basswood Shutters

Stain grade shutters allow the natural grain of the wood to show through the finish. Because the natural grain shows through the finish it is important for consumers to choose a hardwood that best matches the grain patterns of the wood in their home. Basswood is a clear grained (small or no knots) wood. Because of that pattern Basswood lends itself more to a classical or a traditional decorating style. Basswood is also a good mimicker of cherry or oak since the clear, light grain can be stained to match almost any color.

Knotty Alder Shutters

Stain grade shutters allow the natural grain of the wood to show through the finish. Because the natural grain shows through the finish it is important for consumers to choose a hardwood that best matches the grain patterns of the wood in their home. Knotty Alder has a more rustic, knotty grain type which lends itself more towards the contemporary, new age, and western decorating styles. Knotty Alder is currently the most popular stained natural hardwood since it matches the décor of most new homes and remodels that are using stained applications.

Vinyl Shutters

Stanfield Shutter uses only solid vinyl synthetic shutter components. This is important because other products such a vinyl wrapped or hollow vinyl shutters deteriorate rapidly and do not hold up as well as solid vinyl products. While our high grade vinyl synthetic shutters are more expensive then other more common materials it does have the advantage of being waterproof. Therefore if you are putting a shutter above a kitchen sink or in a shower stall vinyl is a better way to go to avoid water related damage.

Styles and Features

Arguably one of the most significant benefits to designing and installing custom window shutters is the ability to customize their frame to your windows and glass doors. Our team will create the perfect shutters for windows and glass doors of all shapes and sizes by measuring their frames and creating shutters that fit perfectly within them. We offer the following options for window shutter styles and features:

Let’s Get Started

Ready to impress your guests with a beautiful set of custom shutters in your home or office? If so, we’re ready to help! Request a free online quote from a Stanfield Shutter customer service representative. If you’d rather, you may also feel free to stop by our showroom to discuss your options with a shutter expert and review our style, feature, and material options in person.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are shutters energy efficient?

Yes, window shutters are highly energy efficient, especially when compared to traditional blinds or curtains. Both interior and exterior shutters are capable of helping regulate the temperature in your home. Shutters made from natural materials can be more efficient than those made from vinyl or engineered wood. Custom interior wood shutters do an especially good job of keeping your energy bill down by blocking the sun’s hot rays in the summertime and effectively trapping in the heat in the wintertime.

How do you clean shutters?

Unlike other window treatments, shutters are very easy to clean. One way you can clean your shutters is by using a vacuum hose with an upholstery attachment. For a deeper clean, you can use a soft cloth dipped in white vinegar (the vinegar is an easy solution for removing spots and stains on hard surfaces). Keep your prized custom plantation shutters looking clean and new by dusting them regularly. After you’ve dusted, you can wipe them over with a dryer sheet to prevent dust from sticking to them in the future.

How much do custom plantation shutters cost?

Custom plantation shutters often range anywhere from $20-$45 per square foot. Depending on the size and the material, you can expect to pay somewhere between $1000 to $3000 for each window treatment — sometimes more. But don’t forget to take into account that installing high-quality shutters can increase the value of your home. Shutters can also reduce your heating and cooling costs by serving as an energy-efficient temperature regulator in the summer and winter months. For a free quote on custom shutters in Utah, contact Stanfield Shutter.


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