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Decorating Around Your Plantation Shutters

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Decorating Around Your Plantation Shutters

If you’ve just bought a new home or are in the process of remodeling your current home with plantation shutters, you might be wondering how to decorate around them. Unlike some homeowners who select their shutters after they have the dlarge window shuttersecor set for the rest of their home, you’re stuck on how to decorate without clashing with the shutters. Well, no need to fear. We’re going to give you a few design ideas that will help you get a better idea of just how you can decorate your room around its plantation shutters. Refer to the list below get get your creativity going and generate a few ideas for your home.

Wall decorations:

Although some homeowners believe that the presence of shutters limits their ability to have wall decorations, shutters actually complement and frame other pieces on the wall. For example, some decorators utilize the shutters as a center marker for the room that symmetry can be based from. If your shutters are in the center of the room, use them as a guide for deciding what will need to go on the rest of the walls to create the symmetrical or asymmetrical design you’re going for. You can also use shutters that are spread out as a frame for end tables and posters by placing these pieces within the empty space between the shutters.


Curtains may seem a bit unnecessary when you have plantation shutters installed, but combining curtains and plantation shutters actually gives a room an interesting look when it’s done right. Allowing a long set of curtains to drape in between each window makes for a very chic and elegant feel. Take time to find a color that matches well with the material of your shutters to ensure the most attractive combination. We tend to like sheers and neutrals for vinyl and light stained wood while darker woods look great with both neutrals and deep, rich colors.  If you’re decorating a smaller room, we recommend that you skip the curtains to avoid making the room look smaller.

Furniture placement:

The placement of furniture is highly debatable among those designing for any room, but adding shutters to the mix makes it even more so. Some prefer to place larger pieces in front of the shutters while others think that it is best to leave them be. If you have shutters that only take up half of the wall, you can put small couches, desks and tables under them to fill the empty space. If you have long shutters that cover the entire length of the wall, you can decorate around them without closing off the space by placing larger pieces of furniture away from them and smaller pieces of furniture (like a standing vase) in front of or in between them.

We hope that you found these quick tips helpful! If you have any tips or design ideas that you would like to share, feel free to leave them in a comment on this post to help others decorate around their plantation shutters. You can also find photos of more shutter design ideas by clicking here.



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