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Decorating with shutters

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Decorating with shutters

Shutter ShelfAlthough traditional plantation shutters look great with little to no additional decoration when installed over a window , many homeowners get creative to make fun and interesting use of shutters.Their creativity ranges from simply placing drapes over their shutters all the way to building entire walls with antique and colorful shutters. Because we love shutters so much here at Stanfield (of course!) we wanted to share some of their unique uses and applications in interior design. These are just a few of the most unique ideas we’ve found while searching the web community.

Shutter fences

This was definitely a unique use for shutters that gave yards and gardens a unique twist. The shutters were simply stacked side-by-side and glued to create fencing around small areas. The point of these smaller fences was essentially to create more privacy and add an interesting decorative element to the exterior of homes.

Shutter end tables

Here, the shutters were used as the top panel of small tables. The shutters created beautiful lines as the table top and added just enough spark to the room to make minimalistic decoration possible for the rest of the room’s accessories. The example we found was in a neutral, cream color, however, we thought that a bright red or deep blue would add a fun accent to any room.

Shutter walls

This decorative technique took a lot of shutters and even more creativity! The clever homeowner that made this shutter wall took thin shutters of all shapes, sizes and colors and glued them to a wall in their home in alternating directions. Building this wall made a statement in the room that once again, allowed for a more effortless and simple decoration process for the rest of the room.

Fake window shutters

We thought that this was an interesting technique for just about any room in the house. The homeowner placed a poster on the wall then simply placed the shutters over it, making it look like a window. The poster used could vary depending on the style of the room, but the shutters would work with just about any aesthetic (given that the right shutter materials are used.)

Picture wall

This was one of our favorites as we all know the pain of finding a good place for all of our favorite photos. Here, the homeowner took tall, thick shutters with two panels that fold in the middle, then folded them in to make a point so that they could stand on their own. Next, they took their favorite photos and some decorative clothes pins and strategically placed them on the shutters.

As devoted shutter lovers, we really enjoyed the creative and unique applications of shutters that we found during our online search. We know that the possibilities for shutter decoration are nearly endless and would love to hear some of your ideas! Leave a comment on this post to share your unique shutter uses.

Follow this link for photos of some of the shutter re-purposes we mentioned in the post.



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