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How Investing in Custom Shutters Is More Valuable Than You Think

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How Investing in Custom Shutters Is More Valuable Than You Think

One of the questions that customers ask us time and time again is, “Will custom window shutters increase the value of my home?” Fortunately for you and us, we can answer with a resounding, “Yes!”

Not only can custom plantation shutters add real estate value, but it is a smart investment that can save you money right away. These shutters offer a precise fit that looks great, increases curb appeal, blocks out the sun, and makes your home more energy-efficient.

For example, if you were a buyer looking at two homes in the same neighborhood, would you prefer a home with custom plantation shutters or without? The classic look of custom-built shutters provides that one-of-a-kind look that potential buyers are searching for in a new home. They are beautiful, boast robust construction and smooth, clean lines.

Shutters are also attractive from the outside, increasing curb appeal and making a home stand out from others on the street. What’s the real kicker? When the next buyer moves in, they won’t have to buy window treatments, either.

It is the smart investment you should make if you want to save money now and in the future.

How Much Are Plantation Shutters & Custom Shutters?

The cost of custom plantation shutters depends on the location of your home, design materials, and the scale of the project. On average, you can expect to spend between two to three times the cost of horizontal blinds (eliminate the square foot costs).

Despite the upfront cost, custom window shutters are a smart investment every time. Thanks to a range of benefits, homeowners who install custom shutters won’t regret their choice. Not only do they pay themselves over time because of improved energy efficiency, but they are durable, add privacy, increase curb appeal, and are easy to maintain.

Benefits of Installing Custom Shutters

When installing window coverings in your home, there is only one option—custom window shutters. Unlike drapes or blinds, custom plantation shutters are a long-term solution that is both beautiful and a smart investment. Along with raising the value of your home, they reduce the cost of running air conditioning and heating month-to-month.

While some homeowners complain that shutters are more expensive than other interior window treatments, it is important to remember that this investment will last longer than the other options and help pay for itself over time.

One of the most obvious advantages of installing custom shutters is that it provides privacy from outside of your home, which is an immediate benefit to those who reside on a busy street or in a city. Besides privacy, custom plantation shutters offer a range of other benefits.

Let’s look at a few of the other advantages of installing custom window shutters in your home.  

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As mentioned earlier, privacy is the most obvious benefit homeowners enjoy when installing custom-built shutters. While most window coverings will provide some degree of privacy, custom window shutters don’t leave any question of whether someone can see you from the outside of your home.

Installing plantation shutters will keep what occurs inside your home private rather than leaving windows wide open for neighbors and outsiders to see. You can adjust your shutters depending on the time of day and your needs, too. Simple flip the plantation shutter closed for additional privacy or leave it open to capture a view of the outside world.

Whichever option you choose, having options will make your home life comfortable and private.

Increased Home Value 

Another benefit of installing custom plantation shutters is that they can help you sell your home quicker and at a higher price. But why? When buying a new house, the first impression is one of the most crucial parts of the sales process. 

Well-made plantation shutters will go a long way toward making your home more comfortable and appealing to future buyers. Homebuyers appreciate the look that plantation shutters add to a home, as well as their ability to lower energy bills.

Another reason is that custom shutters are far more durable than other window treatments. Compared to other window treatments on the market, buyers understand that the superior craftsmanship of these blinds will outlast the life of blinds, drapes, and pre-fabricated shutters.

All in all, custom window shutters are a smart investment now and will be when it comes time to put your home on the market. 


Custom plantation shutters are exactly as the name implies—custom. This benefit allows you to design shutters according to your preferences, from the style down to the last detail. 

Along with using a custom design, manufacturers will customize the window shutters according to the measurements of your home. You won’t need to worry about filling gaps or light bleeding through the shutters. Everything will fit perfectly and precisely.

The custom-fit will also provide an additional layer of protection from harsh temperatures, helping to keep your home comfortable and safe from the outside elements.

Custom window shutters’ tailor-made fit looks good while saving you energy expenditures all year long. These plantation shutters prevent air from entering your home during the cooler seasons because they match each window’s specific size.

Plantation shutters also trap cool air during the summer, so you don’t have to rely on your air conditioner as much. These tailor-made measurements will help insulate your home and reduce the amount of gas and electricity it consumes.

Ultimately, it is this custom fit that will make all the difference.

Reduced Energy Bills

Unlike other window treatments, custom-built shutters fit your windows as closely as possible. This custom-fit ensures that the plantation shutters block out glare and direct sunlight better than any other window covering. By keeping the sunlight out or modifying the amount of sunshine that enters your home, you will help reduce the cost of your monthly energy bills. 

Plantation shutters help keep the warmth of natural sunshine out and the chilly or warm air from your HVAC system inside your home because the design matches your windows. This function will help you keep your house pleasant while also saving money. Then, if you need more heat, you can either open your blinds or close them for better A/C control.

At Stanfield Shutter, our custom® plantation shutters improve the energy efficiency of your property by limiting heat transfer through your windows. They help insulate 70 percent better than conventional wood shutters, which allows your home to cool or heat more efficiently without costing you any extra money. As a result, you (and any future buyers) will save money on energy expenses. And it adds up to a lot of money saved over time, which offsets the initial cost of the investment.

Last A Lifetime

When it comes to durability, custom window shutters are the top choice. Plantation shutters are one of the most cost-effective and low-maintenance window treatments available.

Depending on the type of window shutter material and manufacturer, you can expect your custom plantation shutter to last anywhere from 20 to 25 years with proper care and maintenance.

With attentive care, custom window shutters from Stanfield Shutter can outlast even those staggering numbers. We construct our plantation shutters from high-quality materials that won’t fade or deform over time. As a result, you will enjoy shutters that look just as good in 20 years as they do when you install them.

Potential homebuyers won’t have to worry about installing new plantation shutters when they close, either. They will enjoy the beauty and energy savings of your investment as soon as they move in and for years afterward.

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Are Shutters Worth the Cost?

Custom window shutters are worth the cost. Although these window treatments are typically more expensive than curtains or blinds, they offer a distinct experience that outperforms the rest.

These shutters feature a custom-built design tailored to your windows or doors, made to size and crafted from the highest quality, long-lasting materials. Along with enjoying these benefits, you can also design your shutters using a wide range of styles, materials, and colors.

However you customize your plantation shutters, they will be an excellent addition to your space. Whether you plan to sell or hope to live in your home for as long as you can, these shutters will benefit your pocketbook, comfortability, and lifestyle. Not only will you appreciate your shutter’s improved aesthetics but the ease of maintenance and increased property value.  

Do Shutters Add Home Value? 

Yes, custom-built shutters may increase the value of your home thanks to their energy efficiency, durability, and appealing aesthetics. In comparison to curtains and drapes, shutters are also more cost-effective because they require little upkeep and reduce energy costs. For these reasons and more, custom window shutters are a great investment if you are hoping to increase your property value.

How Much Do I Save On Energy Bills with Custom Shutters? 

The amount of money you save on energy bills depends on how you use them. However, custom-built shutters will do wonders to save you money. These window treatments are incredibly energy efficient because of their custom fit, making them a great budget-friendly home improvement solution.

The custom design and measurements help keep inside air from escaping and outside air from getting into your home. Plus, blocking the sun will allow you to stay cool without relying on your A/C unit.

No matter how well you use your custom plantation shutters, they are one of the greatest window treatments to use if you are trying to save money on your energy bills.

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Where Can I Find Custom Shutters Near Me?

The first step to finding custom shutters near you is finding the right manufacturer to work with throughout the design and installation process. While many custom shutter companies might offer pre-fabricated shutter options, 

As you decide which custom shutters to install, we recommend meeting with a few different companies before making your final choice. Read reviews to discover which custom shutter manufacturers provide five-star customer experiences.

Whichever company you decide to work with, be transparent about your wants and needs. Together, you can design custom window shutters that you not only love but that will last for years to come. Plus, keeping clear lines of communication open will ensure no problems arise that you can’t overcome. 

About Stanfield Shutter

You deserve a personalized touch no matter which window shutters you choose to install in your home. Stanfield Shutter provides customization services to ensure that your custom plantation shutters perfectly fit your windows. Thanks to our unique design and installation process and over 70 years of experience, we can ensure that you will enjoy your experience and shutters for years to come.

We also offer a limited lifetime warranty on all our custom window shutters and products. You can browse our collection of custom-built shutters, including plantation shutters, wood shutters, vinyl shutters, and engineered wood shutters.

Whatever window treatment you need, Stanfield Shutter is the company you can rely on to ensure you made the right choice. Our experts will work hard to design the perfect custom shutters for your home. Along with our custom-design process, each of our shutters undergoes milling, assembling, finishing, and installation.   

Whether you want custom plantation shutters, wood shutters, or another custom option, we have everything you need to make a smart investment. Contact us today to learn more about our products.

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