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How to Clean Your Plantation Shutters

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How to Clean Your Plantation Shutters

Many people are coming to enjoy the elegance of plantation shutters to add variety to their window covering needs. Unfortunately, due to edges, crevasses, cracks and more, maintaining and cleaning plantation shutters may seem like a difficult task. However, with the proper treatment you can keep your plantation shutters looking beautiful and clean for many more years to come. These are just a few tips to help get you started.

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Keep your shutters beautiful and clean by following these simple steps!

1. Dry Clean – You always want to start your shutter cleaning routine using the dry cleaning method. It is important to remove the loose dust first to avoid creating a bigger mess when liquid cleaning agents are introduced. To complete this dry cleaning and avoid scratching your shutters, use a soft duster or a vacuum hose with the brush attachment to remove the loose dirt and dust.

2. Check for manufacturer instructions – If the manufacturer provided cleaning instructions with your shutters, it is always best to follow their directions and suggestions as well.

3. Spot Clean – You can easily remove dirty spots with a soft rag and a mild cleaning agent, but be sure that you apply the cleaning agent to the rag rather than the shutters themselves. this, in turn, helps protect the shutters as well as provide a more even clean.

4. Full Clean – If your shutters require a more thorough cleaning you can use the same technique used for spot cleaning to clean the shutters entirely. Just like the spot clean, be sure to apply the cleaning agent to the cloth/rag instead of the shutter itself. also, wipe the shutters dry when you are finished rather than letting them air dry. This prevents water damage and/or water spots.

5. Repeat Regularly – Make it a habit of dusting your shutters once a week (or more.) This will help prevent dust buildup and make the annual spring cleaning job a little less difficult.

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