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Insulate your home in Utah spring

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Insulate your home in Utah spring

Utah weather often changes by the hour, spring in Utah is a wet mixture of chilly mornings, warm days, and brisk nights. One day in the 70s is often followed by rain, and then snow, and the cycle repeats for several weeks. This bi-polar-type weather is a signature of living in Utah, but the ever-changing spring weather can wreck havoc on your thermostat. Interior shutters are one way to add a beautiful style element to your home and create a more energy efficient environment during the spring and summer months.

Energy efficient shutters provide several benefits to save you money and hassle while maintaining a comfortable home. Interior shutters fit tightly against a window frame, providing an additional layer of insulation all year-round that naturally creates a more energy efficient home.

Once installed correctly, there is space between the shutter and the window that creates a natural barrier for the air constantly moving around the window. The shutters make it much harder for hot air to escape and cold air to get in and vice versa, making it easier to maintain an even temperature in your home, regardless of what is going on outside. In addition, Interior shutters are made from a wood composite material that is thicker than wood blinds, creating a better insulator and more efficient.

As summer approaches and the weather turns warm, the insulation provided by shutters keeps the cool air inside, allowing you to use your thermostat less, and saves you money on rising utility bills during warm spring mornings and hot summer days.

Stanfield Shutters is one of the premiere sources for interior shutters in Utah Valley. They can be used on standard windows as well as odd-shaped shutters for arches, angles, ovals, and circle windows. They can also be combined with other window treatments for a custom look to match the style of your home.

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