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Knotty Alder Shutters

Knotty Alder grows, typically, along the Pacific Northwest in North America. In recent years Knotty Alder has surged in popularity in the building industry. Many consumers now have their furniture, kitchen cabinets, shutters, and mouldings (among other things) made with Knotty Alder.

Knotty Alder is primarily used in stained applications because of its nice grain structure and the rustic knots that accent the hardwood. It is due to this unique and beautiful grain structure as well as the availability and relative inexpensiveness (when compared to other hardwoods) of Knotty Alder that it has steadily grown to become the most popular hardwood used in stained applications.

Knotty Alder has a light brownish-red natural grain color that can vary from the very light to the medium side of the color scale. Stanfield Shutter recommends to either choose a stain color that is as dark or darker then the natural color of Knotty Alder. Because of this natural grain matching light colors is very difficult so if your décor requires a very light stain it might be best to use the lighter grained Basswood instead of Knotty Alder.

Because the natural grain structure of Knotty Alder is so nice and can vary from light to medium to dark most of our customers also choose to use a 4 ½” louver which allows them a wider blade which shows off more of the grain structure and characteristics of the wood then the smaller blades do. Knotty Alder is also more on the contemporary and rustic side of the decorating scale which lends itself more to the 4 ½” louver.

Knotty Alder is a great choice for shutters and with builders using Knotty Alder in a majority of the homes that are being it seems only natural to have the shutters built with the same material so that the look and feel of your home is maintained. No matter what the application, however, Knotty Alder is a fine choice.

Knotty Alder Shutters - Utah
Colors vary by monitor.
Golden Oak

Knotty Alder Shutter FAQs


Is Knotty alder expensive?

If you want the natural wood aesthetic for your plantation shutters without the high cost, go for Knotty Alder wood. When compared to other hardwoods, knotty alder plantation shutters are often more affordable than other options. However, when pricing custom shutters, you will find that this material costs more than vinyl or engineered wood. Whatever your budget may be, Stanfield Shutters can help you find the perfect window treatments to suit your style.




Is knotty alder a good type of wood for plantation shutters?

Knotty alder is an excellent choice for custom wood plantation shutters. Not only is it more affordable than other types of wood, but it also embodies the natural beauty of real wood inside the home. Knotty alder has a rustic, high-quality look that draws the eye and blends well with a variety of home decor styles. Another reason to choose Knotty alder plantation shutters is for their durability: this wood is soft, beautiful, and durable.

What undertone does knotty alder wood have?

The Knotty alder color pallet ranges from a light gold to a cherry-brown, often resembling Cherry wood. Knotty alder is warm and rich in color and can easily be stained to a desired pigment. If you’re looking for wood shutters, knotty alder is a fantastic choice. At Stanfield Shutter, we can provide you with custom shutters made from Knotty alder and stained to compliment your interior design. For a timeless look and high-quality plantation shutters and other custom window treatments, call Stanfield Shutter today!

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