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Maintaining the Beauty of Your Shutters

Housekeeping Tips

Maintaining the Beauty of Your Shutters

One ofArched Open White Shutters the greatest benefits of installing quality shutters is that they require very little maintenance and repair when compared to other window treatment options. While this may be the case, it’s never a bad idea to go the extra mile in taking care of your shutters to ensure that their beauty and charm last for years to come. Although this may seem like a daunting task for a homeowner who already has a full list of weekly chores, the strong convenient structure of shutters actually makes them fairly easy to clean and treat. Taking simple measures during installation and use will also go a long way in keeping your shutters beautiful. To give you a better idea of how you can take exceptional care of your shutters, we’ve provided the five tips below.  You can easily implement these in your installation, use and cleaning processes to fully protect your investment.

  1. Proper Placement: This is a very important aspect to consider in your planning for shutter installation. To make sure that you are placing your shutters in an optimal area, you’ll need to consider the material of your shutters as well as the activities of the rooms that you will be placing them in. For example, vinyl shutters are great for messier areas like kitchens and laundry rooms, while wood shutters will typically need to be placed in areas where they will not be exposed to fluids on a consistent basis. Carefully choose the shutter material you will be using in each room to ensure the longest possible life for your investment.
  2. Regular Cleaning: Making sure that your shutters are cleaned on a regular basis will prevent staining and keep them looking their best should unexpected company arrive. Carefully considering the material of your shutters will also be of utmost importance here as you will want to avoid using cleaning products and tools that could damage the material. Gentle dish soaps and clean wash rags are great for vinyl and HDF shutters. You may also use approved polishes and cleaners for wood shutters. Just be sure to read the label for instructions and warnings.
  3. Gentle Use: While the point of owning shutters is to enjoy them, it is still important that you treat them with care. Their solid structure is able to take a higher level of impact than other window treatments, however, being sure to gently handle their components during opening and closing will help you prevent damage and avoid unnecessary repairs.

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