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As Utah’s premier interior shutter manufacturer, Stanfield Shutter has served the community for over 75 years. Since we opened our business many years ago, we have increased the variety of shutters we provide by including everything from traditional to plantation shutters. Our shutters are custom-made with only the highest quality materials and manufacturing methods. With an included lifetime warranty, they’re the shutters you can trust for beauty, durability, and exceptional functionality. Our experts will install your custom shutters in Riverton, Utah.

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We’ll Install or Repair Window Shutters for Your Riverton, Utah, Home

Custom Shutters

At Stanfield Shutter, creating custom shutters is our specialty. We proudly offer our custom shutter services for homes, businesses, and non-profit organizations. No matter the size and shape of your windows and doors, we can create stunning shutters for your space made from a variety of materials. After we measure your windows, we manufacture each shutter to fit perfectly within the frame, resulting in a beautiful, seamless window covering you will enjoy for years.

We’re confident you’ll find shutters that capture the aesthetic you’re looking for among our wide selection of materials. Choose your custom shutters from the following plantation shutter materials:

Wood Shutters

Create a classic and timeless look in your home with our wood shutters. You’ll have the option of choosing from over 30 different stain colors so you’ll find the perfect shade to complement your decor.

Engineered Wood

Our engineered wood shutters are made from HDF, a high-quality, technologically refined wood product. They’re manufactured and tested to guarantee strength, durability, smoothness, and exceptional quality. Our engineered wood shutters are also warp-free and have a smooth finishing surface, which is ideal for painting. Engineered wood shutters are also less expensive than natural hardwoods.


Basswood is one of the most versatile, adaptable, and durable hardwoods grown in the United States. Because of its smooth, clear-grain structure, It’s ideal for both painting and staining. Our custom shutters made from basswood can be custom-tinted to match many different colors and are a stunning addition to any home.

Knotty Alder

As one of the most popular woods used in home products, our knotty alder shutters feature a smooth grain structure featuring rustic knots that accentuate the hardwood. It’s also inexpensive and can be stained in many colors to match your interior design.

Plantation Shutters

Installing custom plantation shutters in your room will instantly elevate the look and feel of your room. Plantation shutters are beautiful and can easily be opened, closed, or adjusted to customize light levels and privacy.

Sliding Door Shutters

Looking to retrofit your sliding door with new shutters? We can customize our shutters to fit your back door, enhancing its style, privacy, and durability. When ordering sliding door shutters, you can choose from engineered wood, knotty alder, basswood, and vinyl.

Vinyl Shutters

Our high-quality and durable vinyl shutters are made from 100% solid extruded vinyl. Instead of a hollow or composite material construction (like other shutter manufacturers use), ours are the best on the market. They’re a great option in areas where the shutter could be exposed to water, such as in bathrooms or above kitchen sinks.

Shutter Repair

You can count on Stanfield Shutter for expert repair when your shutters need attention. Whether you’ve had an accident or your shutters aren’t functioning as smoothly as you’d like, we are happy to help you get it fixed.

In addition to our exceptional shutter repair services, we offer shutter repair kits for homeowners who prefer to do the repair themselves. No matter the fix your shutters need, we are here to help. Just a few of the repair services that we offer are:


Why Homeowners in Riverton Trust Stanfield Shutter

For decades, homeowners in Riverton have trusted us as their shutter installation and repair expert. Why? It starts with quality. Instead of manufacturing our products overseas, all of our shutters are made in Utah, meaning your product has superior construction that will last for years. It also means faster shipping and installation time because of our easy access to products. And should you need a repair or a replacement in the future, we can get the job done quickly instead of waiting months to fulfill a custom shutter replacement. For custom shutters in Riverton, Stanfield Shutter is your answer.

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Every homeowner deserves to have beautiful, durable, and personalized shutters for their home. If you’re looking for shutters in Riverton, we are the experts you can trust. We’re Utah’s leading shutter manufacturer that excels in providing a wide selection of window treatments. For custom shutters in Riverton, Utah, choose Stanfield Shutter.

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