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As the premier manufacturer of shutters in Sandy, Utah, we specialize in many different types of shutters, shutter installation, and shutter repair. Our shutters are manufactured from the highest quality materials, feature advanced manufacturing methods, and include a lifetime warranty. We believe in manufacturing as locally as possible using domestic materials. When you purchase shutters from Stanfield Shutter, you’ll receive shutters that will last a lifetime.

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We’ll Install or Repair Window Shutters for Your Sandy, Utah, Home

Custom Shutters

We’re the experts at creating stunning window shutters for homes, businesses, and even non-profit organizations. We can make custom shutters for any size and shape of window or door. We measure the space and create shutters from your material of choice to fit perfectly within the frame, resulting in stunning window coverings.

While you can purchase shutters from many places, not every shutter company will completely customize them for your needs. At Stanfield Shutter, we can create custom shutters with an angled top, arch top, sunburst arch, t-frame, sidelights, specialty shape, and much more. We can make custom shutters from the following materials:

Wood Shutters

Our classic wooden shutters offer a classic and timeless look in your home. With over 30 different stains to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect shade to match your interior decor.

Engineered Wood

Engineered wood shutters, made from HDF (high-density fiberboard), are quality controlled with precise laser instruments to ensure durability, smoothness, strength, and quality. This warp-free material has a superior finishing surface and is less expensive than natural hardwood or vinyl shutters.


As one of the most versatile hardwoods in the United States, basswood has a smooth, clear grain that gives shutters a traditional look. With their light color and knot-free finish, basswood shutters are a versatile choice for any space.

Knotty Alder

With a unique and beautiful grain structure, knotty alder shutters are a relatively inexpensive option for wood shutters. Because of the natural color of knotty alder, it’s an ideal wood for darker stained shutters.

Plantation Shutters

Our interior plantation shutters will instantly elevate the look of your home or business. These shutters can open to let in natural light and close for complete privacy. They can be made from various materials, such as vinyl, hardwood, and engineered hardwood.

Sliding Door Shutters

Add the beauty, privacy, and durability of shutters to your sliding door. We can manufacture sliding door shutters from engineered wood, basswood, knotty alder, and vinyl. Shutters for your sliding door can be made into bi-pass or bi-fold shutters.

Vinyl Shutters

We make our vinyl shutters from solid extruded vinyl, the best currently offered in the shutter market. This type of shutter is durable, high-quality, and waterproof. Vinyl shutters are a great option above kitchen sinks or shower stalls.

Shutter Repair

For expert repair for shutters in Sandy, Utah, you can count on Stanfield Shutter. We’ll come to diagnose and quickly repair any issue you may be experiencing with your shutters. While it’s frustrating when a shutter doesn’t function correctly, a malfunctioning shutter can often be repaired. Are you interested in fixing the shutter by yourself? Our shutter repair kits include everything you’ll need to complete the repair, such as pins, staples, and more. Simply contact us and we’ll provide you with the appropriate repair kit for your shutters.

We have created shutter repair guides to help you through the process. Check out these useful guides below. If you need help, don’t hesitate to call the experts at Stanfield Shutter.

Tension Pin Replacement

Tilt Rod Staple/Eyelet Replacement

Shutter Staple Replacement


Why Homeowners in Sandy Trust Stanfield Shutter

As Utah’s largest and locally-owned shutter manufacturer, Stanfield Shutter are the experts you can trust for quality shutters and service. Because we manufacture our products in Utah, we can easily create shutters for any specification and design. Should any issue arise with your shutters, we can replace and repair them quickly and avoid any long waiting times for shipments. We offer a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on every shutter we produce.

If you’re looking for plantation shutters in Sandy, Utah, trust Stanfield Shutter. We’re the industry leaders in manufacturing durable shutters that will give your home privacy, increase your property value, and make your home more beautiful. Contact Stanfield Shutter to receive a quote for shutter installation or repair today.

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