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Shutter manufacturing and installation video – Stanfield Shutter

Plantation Shutters

Shutter manufacturing and installation video – Stanfield Shutter

Here at Stanfield Shutter, we pride ourselves on having the highest quality shutters on the market today. When you choose Stanfield to create and install your shutters, you can rest assured that your investment will be enjoyed for many years to come. This would not be possible without the hard work and dedication of our skilled staff who create and install the shutters for your home. The process is lengthy and requires attention to detail at every step, but our attentive and talented team at Stanfield Shutter makes sure to create durable and beautiful shutters every time. Here is a quick look at the process that goes into delivering the classic and elegant look of the shutters in your home.

  1. We start off by selecting the material you have chosen for your custom shutters. Our selection includes a variety of different woods, wood products, and vinyl.
  2. Next, we check the pieces of material that we will be using for flaws and get rid of those that do have them to ensure that you will get the most perfect shutters possible.
  3. After the materials have been checked, they are sent to be measured and cut to fit the specifications of your structure.
  4. Once all of the pieces of your shutter are cut to the correct size, we place the pieces together by hand, check their placement, then reinforce them.
  5. Now that they have been built, we move on to the staining and painting process. Here one of our skilled technicians stains or paints your fixture to meet your specific request.
  6. After they have dried and are ready to go, we send our friendly installation team to your home to secure them in your window. After they’ve installed each fixture and have done the final checks to make sure they are functioning properly, you’re ready to enjoy your new shutters!

The six steps above simply highlight what you will see in the video. Check it out for more details!

To view our plantation shutters, please visit the shutter gallery.

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