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custom style shutter repair from Stanfield Shutters

Restore Your Shutters to Their Former Glory

Shutter Repair Parts

Whatever your shutters need, our experts can help you find it. We carry a variety of shutter replacement parts such as staples, magnets, nylon louver pins, control rods, louvers, tension washers, tilt bar connectors, hidden connectors, end caps and more.

Shutter Repair Pins

Sometimes all you need is a shutter replacement pin to fix your shutters. When that happens, Stanfield Shutter has all the shutter pins you need. Together, we can find the correct pin your shutters use and find you the perfect replacement pin.

Shutter Repair Kits

Shutter repair kits come with a variety of items to completely restore your shutters. Most shutter restoration kits come equipped with staples, pins, and more. Work with our shutter experts to get the repair kit you need to restore your shutters fully.

Do It Yourself Shutter Repair

When your shutters need a simple fix, you can try your hand at DIY shutter repair. Our experts have even provided a few guides to help you get it right. Browse our selection of DIY repair guides to get expert advice for fixing your broken shutters.

The Best Shutter Repair In Utah

Utah’s own Stanfield Shutter has been producing and repairing shutters for over 58 years. Do you have broken slats, missing shutter staples or worse? You’ve come to the right place. Most of the common issues with shutters can be fixed with common hand tools that you probably already own.

We are shutter experts and can help you get your shutters fixed or replaced. We specialize in hardwoods, MDF, HDF, vinyl, and composites. Watch our videos for tips on how to fix them yourselves or give us a call at 801-467-8823 to Request a Quote. We can also repair or replace your shutters even if you didn’t buy from us!

We know that accidents can happen and that some shutter companies use cheap materials when creating their products. We can restore your window shutters and get you back to your design and privacy in no time. Sometimes it may be necessary to replace them, so it’d be best to contact us for an estimate. Working with our team, you can get your home outfitted with the fully-working shutters.

You can also visit our YouTube Channel for new shutter repair videos. We also have videos showing the shutter creation process as well as displaying finished and installed shutters in homes just like yours. Together, we can find the shutter repair solution that gets your shutters back up-and-running in no time.

For additional help repairing your shutters, including ordering repair kits, shutter pins, and more, our team is here to help. You can also browse our selection of Do It Yourself Shutter Repair Guides for step-by-step instructions. Contact us to learn more about our shutter repair solutions and products.

Shutter Repair Guides

Shutter Repair Videos

Replace/Repair Shutter Slat

Fixing a Shutter Slat Staple

Utah's Own Custom Shutter Manufacturer

Installing Plantation Shutters

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