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Try “No Tilt Rod” Plantation Shutters for a Modern Upgrade to Your Windows

Plantation Shutters

rodless shutters with no tilt rod
plantation shutters with no tilt rod

Try “No Tilt Rod” Plantation Shutters for a Modern Upgrade to Your Windows

Stanfield Shutter offers many different plantation shutter styles, including our popular plantation shutters with no tilt rod or no tilt bar. Having no visible tilt rod offers a clear view through the shutters, with no rod visible to break up your sight lines. Our plantation shutters with no tilt rod have also been called:

  • Rodless Shutters
  • Clearview Shutters
  • Rodless Plantation Shutters or Blinds
  • Clearview Plantation Blinds

Plantation-Style Shutters

Plantation shutters originated from plantation homes in the American South. Plantation owners initially placed shutters, usually with larger slats, on the outside of their windows to protect from heat and sun. Today, home owners across the United States use plantation-style shutter blinds as an interior window covering. The plantation style still offers protection from heat and sun, as well as complete privacy when closed. When open, plantation shutters allow plenty of natural light in as well as a good view to the outside world. They are easily operated by moving the slats or the tilt rod or tilt bar.

What is a Tilt Rod or Tilt Bar?

This rod is often a visible bar that runs lengthwise through the shutters and allows the blinds to open and close. Often, a split tilt rod is used to allow you to open half of the window’s shutters while allowing the other half to remain closed. Plantation shutters with no tilt rod or tilt bar actually have one, it is simply designed to be hidden from sight. The traditional tilt rod is professionally engineered to connect to the back end of each louver, or slat. The louvers are moveable, and when they are in the closed position, the tilt rod fits seamlessly into a specially-designed groove hidden from view. 

Plantation Style Shutters: No Tilt Rod Vs. Tilt Rod 

There are pros and cons to having plantation shutters with or without a tilt rod, which we explore more in depth below. For visual examples, please see our photo gallery.

No Tilt Rod Pros

  • Offers unimpaired views through the shutters
  • Provides a more modern, contemporary look
  • Offers both privacy and light control
  • Allows more light to come in
  • Is a cost effective way to increase energy efficiency in your home

No Tilt Rod Cons

  • Costs more than traditional blinds
  • Lacks a visual bar to open or close the blinds
  • Requires louvers to be closed by hand, resulting in more fingerprints on the slats

Tilt Rod Pros

  • Provides a more classic, traditional style
  • Offers both privacy and light control
  • Offers the best value
  • Minimizes fingerprints on the shutter slats
  • Is a cost effective way to increase energy efficiency in your home

Tilt Rod Cons

  • Can be more difficult to clean and dust around the rod
  • Creates an obstruction to outside views
  • Creates extra shadow lines inside your home
  • Can be visually distracting
  • Can be more easily damaged by children and pets

Are Stanfield Shutters Right for You?

Stanfield Shutters offers premium shutters in many different styles. We are the local shutter choice in the Salt Lake Valley and northern Utah. Our proven methods used to mill, assemble, finish and install shutters guarantees a long life for upscale window coverings, ensuring that this choice gives you the best value over time and gives your home the high-end, classy look that you want. 

As you consider your home’s shutter and blinds needs, make sure to ask yourself:

  • How long do I want my window coverings to last?
  • Do I have any custom shapes of windows that I may need covered?
  • How important is the ease of cleaning and maintenance for me?

Stanfield Shutters are built to last. In fact, we include  a limited lifetime warranty on your purchase. Our shutters are custom-built and can accomodate any unique shapes in your home, including arches, angles, circles, ovals, octagons, square- or rectangle-shaped windows, french doors, and doors with windows. We offer a variety of materials, including engineered wood, basswood, knotty alder, and vinyl.

If you think Stanfield Shutters may be right for your home, or you simply would like to know more, contact us. Our expert team can answer any questions you may have. Call Stanfield Shutter today for a quote on custom no tilt bar plantation shutters.

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