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Vinyl Shutters

Vinyl Synthetics are relatively new to the shutter industry when compared with other products. Just a few years ago there were only a few vinyl shutter manufacturers. Today there seems to be a different vinyl shutter manufacturer popping up each day. Determining which vinyl products are actually worth purchasing can be a daunting task for consumers.

Some of the confusion results from the use of varying terminology by shutter companies such as composite and solid vinyl. Solid vinyl is just that. It is made up of 100% solid extruded vinyl material. It is high quality, durable, and waterproof. Composites are generally a mix of wood and vinyl. Composites can vary greatly from one manufacturer to the next. Sometimes the composite will have a wood core with a vinyl wrapping or the vinyl and wood can be blended together. In either circumstance it is still a composite product because it is made up of two completely distinct materials. Hollow vinyl is an all vinyl product that is hollow on the inside. It is usually easy to test if a vinyl shutter is hollow; all you need to do is try to squish the louver blades. If you can squish them with your fingers they are definitely hollow.

Vinyl Shutters in Kitchen - Utah
Colors vary by monitor.
Golden Oak

Composite and hollow vinyl products are not recommended by Stanfield Shutter. These products are not very durable, tend to yellow, crack, chip, and/or peel and generally break more often then other types of shutters. When considering a vinyl product the best choice is that of a solid vinyl product.

Our vinyl is a solid extruded vinyl. The formulas used to make the vinyl material have been researched and tested to provide the highest resistance to water and sunlight available for vinyl products. Our vinyl is by far the best that is offered in the shutter market.

Even with all the advances vinyl has made over the years, the major advantage of vinyl is that they are waterproof. Vinyl, however, is not as strong and durable as HDF or natural hardwood, and therefore Stanfield Shutter recommends the use of vinyl shutters only in watered areas such as a shower stall or above a kitchen sink.

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