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What are the Differences Between Shutters & Blinds

Plantation Shutters

Stanfield Engineered Wood ShuttersIf you are looking for shutters or blinds in Utah, knowing the differences between the two will help you decide which window covering will be best for your home. It is a common mistake for consumers to use blinds and shutters as interchangeable terms, but there are many important  differences between the two fixtures.

Shutters Vs. Blinds

Here in Utah the weather is constantly changing, it can be sunny one minute and a blizzard the next. Exterior shutters will protect your windows during the major storms we experience, and blinds/interior shutters will allow you to adjust the natural lighting in your home to your comfort when the sun is shining in.


Window blinds come in many different styles. They are typically able to raise and lower by control of a drawstring or cord. Blinds are also designed to adjust the lighting in a room by control of a rod that can be twisted to tilt the angle of the blinds. Most blinds are made of softer materials than shutters, and are more easily damaged because of this. The installation of blinds is around small children or pets is not recommended as they can get caught in the drawstrings/cords.


Shutters are much more durable and last longer than blinds. They are made of harder woods or vinyl compared to the more flimsy material of blinds. The main components of shutters are the outer frame, louvres or slats and the control rod. Though shutters cannot be pulled up or drawn down like blinds, they do provide the same natural lighting control and privacy as blinds. Many homeowners prefer shutters to blinds as they provide more of an aesthetic appeal than blinds typically do.

At Stanfield Shutter we pride ourselves in making sure that our customers are provided with the best window treatments money can buy. Contact us today for a free custom shutter quote!

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