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Where can Shutters be Installed?

Plantation Shutters

Where can Shutters be Installed?

Thanks to advances in shutter design and creation technique, you can now put shutters over almost every window in your house. This means that you’re no longer stuck Indoor Shutters Provide Light Controldealing with pesky blinds and drapes for sliding glass doors and arched windows. Rather, you can install a durable set of shutters that is made to fit the structure. We’ve made a quick list of where shutters can be used and why they’re preferred to help you get a better understanding of how you can use shutters in your home. Find the window fixture that you’re looking to cover in the list below for more on why you should start looking for a custom shutter company to help you.

Angled Windows

Custom shutters can be made to accommodate any unique angle in your home. This is great for home owners who have slanted ceilings with high windows at the top because it gives them the option of obtaining a window treatment that provides increased control over shading and is customized to fit the window exactly. This saves you the pain of struggling with curtains or blinds that are difficult to fit to the angle.

Arched Windows

Shutters look great on arched windows of every size. As with angled windows, using shutters saves the installer the annoying task of messing with another window treatment as the shutters are made to fit the unique shape. With a complex window frame like the arch shape, shutters are the quickest and simplest option.

French Doors

Finding a window treatment that could effectively cover french doors wasn’t easy before shutters for french doors came along. Blinds bang against the doors when they’re opened and closed while curtains come loose and get in the way of the handle. Shutters are ultimately the best option as they stay in place and fit the doors correctly. You can also customize the design of your french door shutters to fit your unique goal aesthetic.

Sliding Glass Doors

Until recently, the best option for sliding glass doors was vertical blinds. I think that we all know how difficult vertical blinds can be because of their fragile structure and low functionality. Thankfully for homeowners everywhere, shutters can now be installed over sliding glass doors. Shutters allow members and guests of a home to enter and exit through a sliding glass door without the fear of busting off a panel or getting the blinds stuck on the sliding rail.

Bay Windows

Shutters look absolutely gorgeous when they’re used on a bay window. Because shutters provide a solid structure, they also make sitting or laying in the bay window much more enjoyable as they won’t move back and forth when the window is open. They also allow you to adjust the lighting to let in just the right amount for comfort.

These were just some of the many reasons for installing plantation shutters on the tricky window fixtures in your home. For more on how and where you can install shutters, click here to visit Stanfield Shutter online.

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