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Are Plantation Shutters Right for Your Space?

Plantation Shutters

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Are Plantation Shutters Right for Your Space?

Window treatments are an essential factor that every homeowner must consider when styling their home. Unfortunately, shutters are often an afterthought that many people forget about until they need better light control in their space. One of the most popular window treatments on the market is plantation shutters.

Plantation shutters are one of the most versatile traditional shutters, coming in various colors, materials, and styles. You can also customize these window treatments to accommodate any window size in your home. With so many options available, understanding whether plantation shutters are right for your home can be difficult. Here are some things to consider when deciding whether plantation shutters are the right choice or another window treatment type.


Questions to Ask When Considering Plantation Shutters


Do Plantation Shutters Provide the Right Look for My Home?


One of the main attractions of plantation shutters is their classic look and feel. If curb appeal ranks high on your list of priorities, plantation shutters are your best option. Along with the classic look of plantation shutters, they also provide uniformity and clean lines (a growing trend in the interior design industry). Plantation shutters also increase your home’s value since most homeowners prefer the features and attractive look of these traditional shutters.


Do Plantation Shutters Offer the Best Energy Savings?


Another value-increasing feature of plantation shutters is their energy efficiency. Most plantation shutters are customized to fit the unique size of each window. These exact measurements help prevent air from entering your home during the colder seasons. Likewise, plantation shutters also keep the cool air from escaping your home in the summer. These window treatments also protect your home from the rays of the hot sun. All of these measures help reduce energy costs in the short-term and long-term.


Is Easy Maintenance a Priority?


Another feature of plantation shutters is their low maintenance requirements. Homeowners don’t need to worry as much about cleaning these traditional shutters as other blinds and window treatments on the market. Since plantation shutters are easy to clean and maintain, you can spend time enjoying your home rather than cleaning.


Do I Care About Privacy?


Plantation shutters also work well in keeping what goes on inside your home private. You can adjust these shutters to allow light in without sacrificing your privacy, thanks to easy adjustments. Plantation shutters also shut completely so that bypassers won’t see into your home during night-time hours.


How Durable are Plantation Shutters?


Durability is also another feature that comes with the plantation shutter package. These shutters are built to last, and many even come with a warranty. Their excellent craftsmanship will help these shutters last longer than other window treatments on the market, meaning you won’t need to worry about replacements for decades.


Is Safety a Top Concern?


Another quality that many homeowners enjoy is the plantation shutter’s safety. Since these traditional shutters don’t require any strings or cords, many homeowners choose plantation shutters over other window treatments. Children can open and close plantation shutters without any danger.


Plantation Shutters from Stanfield Shutter


No matter which shutters you choose, Stanfield Shutter is the best partner for the job. Our team perfected the art of creating gorgeous window shutters for homes, businesses, and non-profit organizations with more than 70 years in the industry. Whether you’re looking to create a rustic theme or a modern aesthetic, we have the design and material options you need to make it happen!

Our shutter experts will use the highest quality materials for your shutters, depending on the material you select. The plantation shutter materials you can choose between include engineered wood, basswood, knotty alder, and vinyl. You can also design plantation shutters to fit any style or feature in your home like arches, French doors, and other designs.

Contact us to learn more about your plantation shutter options. Working together, you will walk through the customization process and achieve the perfect look and feel for your home. 



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