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Are Plantation Shutters Worth It?

Plantation Shutters

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Are Plantation Shutters Worth It?

Window shutters are a longstanding feature that completely transform a home. Whether it is the look of a room or the temperature and feeling of a space, shutters, and blinds can make or break the look and feel of your home.  

To this day, plantation shutters are one of the most popular window treatment choices. However, these shutters aren’t new to the interior design scene. They are actually one of the oldest forms of window treatments in the modern world. But that alone shouldn’t be the reason why you decide if plantation blinds are worth it or not. 

Let’s look at a few of the many benefits of using plantation shutters in your home. 

Why Plantation Shutters Are Still a Popular Choice Among Homeowners 

Plantation shutters are a popular fit for homeowners in all environments because of their timeless design and incredibly versatile style. Not only do they work in different home types, but they are also durable. Let’s take a deeper look into why homeowners continually choose plantation blinds as their ideal window treatment. 


Most homeowners add window treatments to their homes for privacy. Instead of leaving their windows wide open for neighbors and onlookers to look inside their homes at will, installing plantation shutters will keep what goes on inside your home private. You can decide to leave your plantation shutters open or closed, depending on the time of day and your family’s needs. You can even adjust them to allow light into your home without sacrificing privacy, thanks to easy adjustments.  

Versatile Style

You can customize your plantation shutters to fit any size and style you choose. You can decide which material fits your home best from various types, including engineered woods, basswood, knotty alder, and vinyl. These options will give you plenty of styles to make your plantation shutters your home’s best fit. Your shutters will also be tailored to fit almost any window space, from small portholes to massive bay windows, and from smooth, circular designs to sharp angles. These precise out-fittings will make plantation shutters the most effective use of available space. 

Cost Savings 

Another feature you will enjoy with plantation shutters is increased cost savings thanks to energy efficiency. Most plantation shutters are customized to fit each window’s unique size, which prevents air from entering your home during the colder seasons. Likewise, plantation shutters trap the cool air during warmer months so that you won’t need to depend on your air conditioner as much. All of these measures will help reduce your energy costs in the short-term and long-term.

Temperature and Lighting Control

As alluded to earlier, the benefits you receive from energy efficiency also allow you to control your home temperature better. Since the design of your custom plantation shutters fits exactly to your windows, it will keep the warmth of the sunlight out and the cold or warm air from your HVAC system inside your home. If you need extra heat, you can open your blinds and let the sunlight in. Then, during the warm months, shut your them for better A/C management. 

Easy Maintenance

Another feature of plantation shutters that homeowners enjoy is that they require very low maintenance. You won’t need to worry as much about cleaning these shutters compared to the upkeep of other blinds and window treatments on the market. Plus, these easily maintained shutters will make it possible for you to spend time enjoying your home rather than cleaning.


Durability is also another feature that homeowners enjoy when they use plantation blinds in their homes. These shutters are built to last and may even come with a warranty. You can trust that these shutters’ excellent craftsmanship will also help increase the life expectancy of window treatments compared to others on the market. 

Safe for All Ages

Another quality of plantation shutters that many homeowners enjoy is its safe design. Since these traditional shutters don’t require any cords, you won’t need to worry about small children, disabled, or elderly people harming themselves on the long-tailed strings. The absence of ties and loose strings can avoid tangling mishaps, accidents, or damage to your windows. Children can even open and close plantation shutters themselves without any risk. 

Plantation Shutters from Stanfield Shutter

Your shutters deserve a custom touch. That is why each of the plantation shutters from Stanfield Shutter is customized to your home’s exact fit. For over 70 years, our team has been perfecting our customization process so that you get exactly what you need.  

Whether you are looking for interior plantation shutters or something custom, we have all of the options you need to make your commercial building stand out. Contact Stanfield Shutter for a quote on your plantation shutter package. 

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