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Shutter Design for Every Decor

Plantation Shutters

Shutter Design for Every Decor

Shutters are known for their aesthetic appeal and superior durability. However, one of the most important aspects of shutters that often goes over looked is their versatility. Many homeowners have the misconception that shutters will only fit with a more traditional decor, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. The design freedom that shutters allow for makes them a favorite for homeowners with a variety of design tastoval arched shutteres. To give you a better idea of how shutters can help you achieve your aesthetic goals for your home, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite spaces for shutters that includes a few tips on how to work them into each decor. Refer to the list below to get started on the process of building custom shutters for your home.


The classic decor is one of the most common decors for shutters. This is because shutters have been long known as an accent that adds class and style to the home. To achieve a classic aesthetic with your shutters, we recommend a basswood in a cherry, light brown or dark stain if you’re looking to have the shutters as a main accent in your room. If you already have a number of statement pieces planned for the decor of your room, you could go with a classic vinyl in a beige or white tone to add a subtle elegance with your shutters.


Shutters also make a beautiful statement in cabins and mountain homes. Here, we suggest creating shutters from a Knotty Adler wood. Knotty Adler offers uniquely rustic knots in the wood that give your shutters character to create a more rustic feel. This material is naturally a light brown/red color that stains well to darker colors. Any stain of Knotty Adler will look great with a rustic decor. Custom shutters can also be created to fit the high and angled ceilings and walls that mountain homes and cabins are known for.


Homeowners with urban taste in decor generally don’t consider shutters as an option. We believe, however, that shutters are great for urban decor as they offer increased flexibility in shape and color to fit a variety of living spaces. You could use a traditional vinyl or metal to create shutters that would blend with your decor. Or if you’re looking to have the shutters as a main component of the design, you could build shutters from a painted HDF to add a pop of color to a neutral space. Shutters can also be built to fit sliding glass doors that accommodate smaller city living areas.


The first use for plantation shutters was in homes next to the coastlines as they protected their windows from the elements during storms and high tides. Not surprisingly, shutters are still a popular design trend in seaside neighborhoods. Lightly stained wood and painted HDF would best complement the coastal feel of your home. HDF or vinyl would be recommended for outdoor shutters in homes next to the coast as they are more resistant to water damage. Custom shutters can also be made to fit french doors that would create a gorgeous entrance to a deck overlooking the beach.

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