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Window Coverings and Memory Window Coverings Growing Up I remember the window coverings I had growing up. They were the kind of vertical blinds popular in the eighties. They would always fall off, and I was assigned to reattach them. Most of the time they would break when I attempted the repair which was very… Read more »

Guide to the most common types of materials used for shutters.   Vinyl (Newport Shutters) Waterproof. Great for showers and kitchen areas. Mainly used for Day in Day out water spray. Our vinyl shutters are made from Solid Extruded Vinyl vs. Less Quality Composite or Hollow Vinyl. Not as strong as engineered hardwoods (HDF) or… Read more »

When it comes to installing shutters in your home, you have a lot of options! You can install them both on the interior of your home for your family and guests to view, and on the exterior to add major curb appeal and express your unique style to those passing by. Many families are choosing… Read more »